A New Camping Set Is Available From (Coleman – Beauty & Youth )

Camping equipment such as tents, coolers, chairs and lanterns are available in a combination of greens, blacks, navy blues and neon orange. Most of the equipment is collected separately, without worrying too much about how the patchwork of campsite colors will look together.

Coleman has teamed up with Beauty & Youth to create a range of camping equipment which is not only functional, but which also seems to belong to the same whole. The set includes a palette of light blue with black and gray. The collection includes a series of products that campers may want for their camping adventures.

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Camping tent
Any camping set must have a tent. This collection includes the “Quick Up IG Shade” tent which has multi-position rain panels and ultra-fine mesh to prevent insects from entering. The tent keeps the elements at bay thanks to its waterproof nylon shell. The main feature of this tent is the assembly time. This pop-up style tent can be set up in about 10 seconds.

Folding camp table
The tent is not the only thing that collapses. This set is also supplied with a foldable laundry basket, a foldable camp table, folding chairs and a foldable outdoor cart to transport your equipment. The cart is Coleman’s signature, with a black metal exterior frame that supports its black nylon basket. The mini camp table can be folded in half for easy and compact storage.

Coleman camp chair
The camp chair has a hammock-like design that looks comfortable. The chair also has a large mesh bottom so that wet or sandy clothing does not accumulate on the bottom. A foldable loveseat is another option for those who would like to sit a little closer.

Multi-panel lantern
Another piece of camping gear that looks handy is the multi-panel lantern. It can be used to light your campsite in your tent or on the folding table. The lantern can also be removed and used as a traditional flashlight.

Many other pieces of equipment complete this collection, such as a cooler, a tent canvas and an ottoman. This is actually all of the summer camping gear. Only the s’mores and a fire are missing. The Beauty & Youth and Coleman outdoor capsule costs between US $ 47 and US $ 143 and is available on the UNITED ARROWS website.

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