RVs Aren’t Just For Vacation Anymore

Do you remember the days when a motorhome was just a vehicle to take to the woods on vacation? It was (and still is) an economical way to travel with your family, with the added benefit of being able to bring modern conveniences from home: your own bathroom, mini-kitchen and sleeping area! It was that … Read more

Oklahoma Resident Renovates RVs For The Homeless

Oklahoma resident renovates recreational vehicles for the homeless An Oklahoma man gives back to his community by volunteering his time to renovate used recreational vehicles for the homeless. According to Oklahoma City’s Point In Time Count report of 2019, nearly 1,300 people were homeless. This increase from the previous year’s report is attributed to many … Read more

The Future For RV Shopping?

As the pandemic continues, restaurants and grocery stores are changing the way they manage their daily activities. They sell to the public in the form of steering wheel orders, takeout orders, takeout orders and online orders. These companies lend themselves to online shopping and pickup of later models. But what does the future hold for … Read more

Reforms From COVID-19 Could Equal Reforms In Career Paths

With an unprecedented unemployment rate, laid-off workers struggle to recover available jobs in their field of experience or reflect on their education, expertise and interests. One company that is paving the way for this population looking for other career options, especially for those interested in the caravan lifestyle, is the National RV Training Academy (NRVTA) … Read more