Drive Safer After Dark With This Night Vision System

Driving in a motorhome at night, especially a large Class A motorhome, can seem treacherous. It seems that the lights are never bright enough or never go far enough, especially if it is raining too or if visibility is poor for other reasons.

Many motorhomes get around poor visibility by driving during the day. But anyone who has ever traveled with a recreational vehicle knows that things are changing: schedules change, traffic becomes heavy and, from time to time, it is impossible to avoid driving at night.

The Lanmodo Vast 1080p automotive night vision system can illuminate at night.

The night vision system uses active infrared and light magnification to provide a vivid color image on its 8.2 inch screen. It doesn’t take a lot of light to get a clear picture. Moonlight or distant street lights are enough. In the right conditions, it improves your night vision by 250 feet with the high beam over 900 feet.

The Lanmodo Vast is equipped with a Sony camera on one side and a screen on the other. It plugs into the OBD port of your cigarette lighter and can be mounted on a window by suction cup or directly on a dashboard with a non-slip plate.

For recreational vehicles, this device can do more than help you see where you are going at night or help you spot animals or pedestrians on the road. Motorhome owners can use the color night vision camera to observe the night wildlife outside their vehicle or to keep an eye on the outside world at night while they are boondocking. It has also proven useful in rain and fog.

A large percentage of traffic accidents occur during periods of low visibility.
Whether you drive often at night, find yourself driving your RV in the dark by accident, or want an extra level of security for less than favorable conditions, the Lanmodo Vast 1080p at 499 automotive night vision system $ can be done for you. Find out on Amazon

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