Oklahoma Resident Renovates RVs For The Homeless

Oklahoma resident renovates recreational vehicles for the homeless

An Oklahoma man gives back to his community by volunteering his time to renovate used recreational vehicles for the homeless.

According to Oklahoma City’s Point In Time Count report of 2019, nearly 1,300 people were homeless. This increase from the previous year’s report is attributed to many factors, including the cost of housing.

Ryan Laughlin, a resident of Del City, aims to help many of these people, especially the working homeless, by providing them with a place to sleep, shower and eat.

Ryan explains: “In addition to being presentable, which will help them keep their jobs, they will feel better about themselves.”

Inspiration for the renovation of recreational vehicles
Ryan was inspired to start his repair project after helping a friend who lived in his car. He restored an old recreational vehicle on his property and gave it to his friend so that he could have a house while he saved money and found a job.

The life of his friend was completely transformed by the act of kindness of Ryan since he now lives in an apartment. The improvement in his friend’s life inspired Ryan to help others in similar situations.

Switch to a non-profit organization
Today, Ryan is busy refurbishing old recreational vehicles, but usable by other project applicants. He uses part of his income, apart from monetary contributions, and has donated RV parts and devices to get the job done.

The hours are long and the multiple refurbishment tasks are tedious. With his experience, Ryan deals with plumbing and electrical issues. It corrects structural problems, updates carbon monoxide detectors, performs safety checks for propane and ensures the operation of emergency windows. The RV units include bathrooms and showers.

Ryan works with lawyers to create a non-profit entity and resolve legal issues related to the safety and livability of each refurbished recreational vehicle.

How to help house the homeless in recreational vehicles
For more information on monetary contributions and donations of supplies, visit the Facebook page “Ryan’s Campers for the Homeless” or the GoFundMe page. He hopes to raise $ 8,000 for future renovations to his recreational vehicle, but he is also open to donating materials such as wood or any part and device that can be used in a recreational vehicle.

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