Reforms From COVID-19 Could Equal Reforms In Career Paths

With an unprecedented unemployment rate, laid-off workers struggle to recover available jobs in their field of experience or reflect on their education, expertise and interests.

One company that is paving the way for this population looking for other career options, especially for those interested in the caravan lifestyle, is the National RV Training Academy (NRVTA) in Texas.

NRVTA is a three-level accredited academy that provides comprehensive training for future technicians and inspectors of recreational vehicles. Students can climb the certification ladder, from enrollment to master’s. The study program includes the ins and outs of the basic functionalities of recreational vehicles, as well as the diagnosis and troubleshooting of all systems of different recreational vehicles.

The need for VR technicians and inspectors is very important. In addition to working for a sole proprietorship to inspect private sales between owners, certified technicians can work for a number of dealers. These companies are asking for help because technicians are essential to reduce the repair cycle time (RECT), a pervasive consumption problem.

Simply put, it is the time it takes the owner of an RV to repair and return the vehicle. Many customers are delayed more than a month because dealers are struggling for an inspector / technician to perform the necessary diagnostics.

Terry Cooper owns and operates the fully operational NRVTA facility, located on the grounds of the Texan RV Park in Athens. The school, nicknamed the “Big Red School House”, includes a layout of classrooms and service bays so that students can receive both textbooks and practical instruction.

However, pending the lifting of CDC regulations on social distancing, Cooper temporarily converts classroom sessions into streaming webinars. Once the green light is given, students will be able to follow practical training in the establishment.

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