(RV GPS) App Now Included with RV Trip Wizard

The GPS application for recreational vehicles is now included in the travel assistant for recreational vehicles

RV LIFE, which now has more than one million members, has started to include its recreational vehicle GPS app for free with every RV Trip Wizard subscription. The duo is now part of what will be called RV LIFE Pro, a set of tools designed to help motorhomes navigate their journeys.

Entitled in the two “RV LIFE GPS & Campgrounds” application stores, this powerful mobile application not only offers an excellent alternative to these expensive GPS devices for recreational vehicles, but also provides access to the trips you have created in RV. Trip Wizard. This app makes planning and executing your motorhome vacation easier than ever, at no additional cost.

Exporting trips is no longer necessary

Although RV Trip Wizard users have enjoyed planning their RV trips for years, getting these RV Trip Wizard trips out for navigation has been a challenge. Exporting a trip to a standalone device such as a Garmin GPS or a Rand McNally device presents pitfalls. Exporting to Google maps is possible, but Google is not aware of motorhome trips, which adds risk to even the most carefully planned trips.

The RV GPS application is now included in the RV travel assistant

Navigate the motorhome trips you have planned

Now, RV Trip Wizard users can navigate the trips they have planned in RV Trip Wizard using a GPS recreational vehicle safety app on their cell phone or other GPS device. Once the application has been downloaded from the app store (Apple or Android), simply connect to the RV LIFE GPS & Campgrounds mobile application with the same credentials as those used for the RV Trip Wizard. Not only will you be able to take advantage of all the Premium features of the application, but you will also be able to locate and navigate all the active trips that you have recorded in the RV Trip Wizard. The RV LIFE GPS & Campgrounds app will show you live driving status with safe turn-by-turn navigation. By providing the app with the size, weight, length and propane level of your vehicle, you can be assured of a safe route.

Maps and trip data can be downloaded for offline use

Download data for offline use

When you anticipate the route will take you to areas with limited data coverage, you can download all the vital data you need for your trip in advance so that it is available on your mobile device when you are out of signal range. You will even find articles like this and many others in the Articles section to keep up to date with new developments in the field of recreational vehicles.

RV Travel Assistant: The Secret Weapon for Planning a Successful Trip

Jason and Rae Miller, the popular getaway couple, called the RV magician the secret weapon to plan a successful trip.

Jason Miller said on their blog: “RV Trip Wizard has been an invaluable tool in our arsenal to successfully plan a motorhome trip. Since we are full time, we have to plan constantly all year round “.

Download the GPS application for motorhome, now included in RV Trip Wizard

If you have not yet registered for the RV travel assistant, check the website for current rates. Enjoy and follow the RV Trip Wizard and RV LIFE Facebook pages. Check out the RV Trip Wizard discussion thread on iRV2 and the RV Trip Wizard YouTube channel for training videos and other information. Once you’ve signed up for RV Trip Wizard, download the RV LIFE GPS & Campgrounds app and get the best combination of trip planning tools for the new motorhome, full-time motorhome and all other motorhomes.

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