RVs Aren’t Just For Vacation Anymore

Do you remember the days when a motorhome was just a vehicle to take to the woods on vacation? It was (and still is) an economical way to travel with your family, with the added benefit of being able to bring modern conveniences from home: your own bathroom, mini-kitchen and sleeping area! It was that simple! Since then, the use of a recreational vehicle has grown considerably.

Consumers are looking for ways to get the most out of their RV when they’re not using it for the holidays. And many others now live there full time. Get in need of an RV office.

Work in the comfort of your own recreational vehicle. Photo via marknpeg on iRV2.com

Turn your recreational vehicle into a home office

More and more people are working from home, like never before. For some, it is an uncomfortable situation to adapt to a new way of doing their job. It also forced people to find a quiet, productive place to work, which is not the kitchen table. Put a spouse and a few children in the equation and it’s time to get creative.

Recreational vehicles are a great solution for creating privacy, functionality and reducing noise. They are autonomous and have their own toilets, a rest room (the kitchen) and a workspace (the dining table), which makes it an ideal alternative to working at home.

When you work in an office, you usually have your own space. With a recreational vehicle, you are guaranteed to have this space. A space to appropriate, without outside distractions.

Fixed home office
Jeremiah Owyang, a freelance technical analyst from Silicon Valley, recently purchased an Airstream 22-foot motorhome. He parked it in his garden and equipped it for video calls. He discovered that local rentals cost at least $ 2,000 a month. Instead, he got a 30-year loan on his Airstream Sport Trailer for $ 370 a month.

“It belongs to me. I can claim it as a business deduction and sell it one day,” says Owyang.

Owyang will not be cruising with its Airstream on the road this summer. Instead of using it for traveling, it is a permanent installation in the garden. “We don’t take it out, it’s a dedicated office,” he says.

As Jeremiah said, there are tax advantages to having your own dedicated work space at home. Contact your tax advisor for specific information.

Mobile remote desktop
Although Jeremiah uses his Airstream as a fixed home office in his garden, many people work remotely from their recreational vehicle while traveling.

It takes a little more creativity, because the motorhome is also used for living, eating, meeting and traveling. You have to consider your own needs. Should it be a space with a door because you are recording podcasts or can it just be an office space? Can it have a dual function, like working during the day and eating at night?

Here is an example of a recreational vehicle renovation where a dual-use space was created behind a harness for a full-time person.

Before the photo of the back of the fifth wheel. Photo by the author
The new space offers a desk for working and a seat for socializing and watching TV. The office chair can also be used so that guests can sit when they turn around.

In order to make the place as private as possible, headphones are used for videoconferencing and telephone calls. Who would not want to take advantage of the diversity of constantly evolving points of view during work?

After the photo of home office in the fifth wheel of the carriage.
Many recreational vehicle manufacturers offer desks in their models, either standard or optional.

Durango Gold’s Full Timer’s Desk Option.
If you’re on the go and looking to get this deduction for a home office, be sure to consult your tax advisor. To obtain the deduction, you most likely need to have a dedicated space with a door, such as a fitted bedroom, for example.

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