The 11 Tips for Spending Christmas in an RV -and LOVING it!-

Each family has their favorite traditions and hobbies for the holidays. However, living in a motorhome can make things a little more difficult for you – but it can also give you the opportunity to create even better memories and create new traditions just in time for the holidays.

So how can you make the most of Christmas in a motorhome? Spending the holidays in a motorhome is more fun than it seems, you can spend your day having new experiences traveling to new destinations, meeting new people and even eating out while retaining the traditional pleasures of Christmas.

I have prepared a list of 11 tips for you to LOVE spending Christmas in your motorhome this year!

Prepare Christmas in a motorhome
Before each Christmas day, a person should always be prepared. Especially in a motorhome. Spending Christmas Day in your motorhome will be very different from spending it at home with your family and friends.

But that doesn’t mean that the preparation should be less fun or less exciting. Below are 5 essential ways to prepare for Christmas in a motorhome.

Prepare for the bad weather

Before you start having fun, make sure you are aware of the weather.

Depending on where you are, you could have a REAL white Christmas. If this is the case, prepare an emergency kit for the motorhome filled with batteries, first aid supplies, extra blankets, etc.

As you will be in the vehicle, you will also need to make sure you have a repair kit for the vehicle in case something goes wrong in cold weather.

If you plan to go somewhere for the Christmas holidays, prepare the vehicle for winter driving based on the amount of snow you will receive.

Remember, there is nothing wrong with being prepared. So you can make sure no one is hurt and you can really start enjoying the vacation.

Cut down your own tree
An amazing part of the experience of spending Christmas away from home is the decoration – especially when it comes to choosing a tree.

You can now take the artificial path and find a fake tree, but still just as beautiful, which can adapt to the dimensions of your motorhome.

However, if you have the opportunity, you should take advantage of the fact that you are outdoors and camping!

Places like the National Forest in the United States allow you to cut down your own tree for Christmas. Just make sure you have a permit before going to cut a tree to transport it in your motorhome.

Picking and cutting your own tree is a classic tradition, which you can share with your children!

Make room for gifts
As space will be limited, sacrifices may have to be made. Rather than filling your caravan with gifts, make room for them!

Whether it’s clearing a designated place for your Christmas tree with enough space to place the gifts in it or even placing the gifts in your living room by the fireplace – whatever you decide, you don’t want to be crowded.

Try not to have so many gifts that you have to get rid of everything you have just to make room for them.

Living in such a tight space also means that you are going to have to be creative in how you hide the gifts before Christmas. You might want to consider using the storage that is often found under the bed in the master bedroom.

Use the small extra space you have to keep the gifts safe and hidden until they are ready to be placed under the tree.

Don’t skip the decoration

One of the best Christmas moments for me and my family has always been the decoration. The fact that you and your family are camping in a motorhome is no exception.

Even if space is limited, you can have fun decorating the interior and exterior of your motorhome.

Consider taking some of the following steps:

Decorate the exterior with lights and a wreath
Place mini Christmas trees inside
Hang your stockings above the fireplace
Decorate your place at the campsite
Change your comforter for a Christmas comforter
Living in a motorhome does not mean that you cannot decorate for Christmas, but it does mean that you can really enjoy the simple things in life. Sometimes you just don’t have enough room to store all of these Christmas decorations.

If so, try to keep the decorations simple and kept to a minimum. But if your family is used to splurging on decorations, there is no reason not to continue this tradition.

Whichever way you decide to decorate the motorhome, don’t forget to have fun with it. Create new memories!

Send your Christmas or Santa Claus packages by post!

If you are camping in Florida or Indiana during the holidays, go to one of these destinations to send your Christmas packages! They will also allow you to make a nice day trip!

Christmas, Florida: In this city, you can visit a Christmas tree that stays standing and decorated all year round! Or visit their own Christmas museum!

In the heart of Christmas, there is an old fort! Fort Christmas Holiday Park is the perfect place to take children for an educational experience before the start of the holiday.

Another advantage: it is only 50 miles from Orlando!

Santa Claus, Indiana: Visiting the old post office here is a timeless tradition. You can send your own Santa Claus Christmas package there and make a child really happy!

Take a trip to Santa’s candy castle and let yourself be tempted by the sweets! In his candy castle, Santa Claus offers a variety of candies and hot chocolate for everyone who believes in his name!

Spend a day at Holiday World & Splashin ‘Safari! Here you can spend the day riding a roller coaster and other fun rides in a large holiday themed amusement park!

What to do on Christmas Day?
Just as preparing for Christmas day was fun and exciting, so should you have fun on Christmas day. Take advantage of the time you spent in the motorhome and at the park to make some serious Christmas memories!

Here are 6 essential tips guaranteed to help you have a great Christmas in your motorhome!

Go to a fun place!

As mentioned above, the best thing you can do to spend your vacation in a motorhome is the total mobility you have. You can go and do what you want, wherever you want!

So why not take a trip to a fun and exciting place for the whole family? There are tons of places across the country that celebrate the holidays big!

It is always fun to plan a family Christmas vacation. Discuss with your family the places they might want to visit for the holidays and find a campsite nearby so that you have a place to sleep that night.

You don’t have to stay cramped in the campsite all day, go out and have fun. Christmas is about spending time with those you love, so go out and have fun with the camper.

In fact, it is by creating new memories for the children, rather than by offering them lots of gifts, that they can catch up later.

Remember that gifts are temporary. The experiences last a lifetime!

Christmas dinner with families at the RV park
One of the biggest advantages of camping is that you can meet all kinds of people from all over the country. So why not enjoy it ?

On Christmas Day, get together with other campers in the RV and organize your own Christmas dinner!

Everyone can contribute to the dinner, and you could set up a large table outside to decorate and eat together.

The advantage of motorhomes is that they are equipped with everything you need to prepare a Christmas dinner.

The kitchen space may seem small, but since everyone contributes to dinner, you won’t need a ton of space anyway. So have fun with it!

Spend your vacation spending quality time with new friends!

Go out for dinner
If you’re not the type to meet new people or meet in large groups, take your family out for dinner! If it’s just you and your loved ones, it could be the perfect end of Christmas Day.

It could become a classic tradition for the whole family, choose a restaurant you all enjoy and make it a habit to go there every year – or whenever you can!

So you won’t have to worry about preparing your own Christmas dinner with the small kitchen area of ​​your motorhome.

This will give everyone time to stretch and relax a bit before recharging again in the motorhome that evening.

Exchange gifts with the white elephant

Like organizing a Christmas dinner, this idea requires coordination with the other families in the leisure park. However, if you make the effort, it could be a memory that your family will keep for years to come.

You just have to find a few families who are ready to participate in the gift exchange with you. Establish a budget for expenses.

Once this budget is established, go buy your gifts and decide on a designated place so that you can deposit them all for the exchange.

When trade day arrives, play the game as you normally would, giving yourself numbers to choose a gift, or stealing a gift from someone else.

Continue until all the gifts have been unwrapped!

Sing in the motorhome
Why not brighten up another camper’s day with the holiday spirit?

As a family, plan a few families or neighbors around the motorhome which, in your opinion, would really benefit from being supervised. Pick your favorite Christmas songs or hymns and take them to their door!

The whole family can participate in this activity – and it’s great service to make others smile. Even if you don’t know who they are.

This could give you the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends!

Donate your decorations when you are done with them!
Spending Christmas in the motorhome is largely due to your ability to enjoy the simplicity of the holidays of that year. You don’t have to be extravagant with the decorations – especially if you plan on spending Christmas at home next year.

So, in the end, why not try to give back a little of what you received?

After all, Christmas is the time to give. When you have finished your decorations, pack them and store them carefully.

You can donate the decorations to your local association or to any other organization of your choice. But why not allow someone else to enjoy these decorations as much as you have?

How To Preserve Your Holiday Traditions – Additional Tips
Just because you’re spending time away from home for Christmas this year doesn’t mean you can’t keep doing the same fun things in your camper.

Everyone has their own favorite Christmas traditions, but here are a few additional things you can do to keep the holiday feeling alive when you’re on the go.

Bake Christmas cookies: It’s a timeless classic. Your motorhome has its own kitchen, and baking cookies usually doesn’t take up too much space. Nothing like preparing a whole Christmas meal in the motorhome. And when you’re done, you can deliver the cookies to the motorhome!
Watch a Christmas movie: In winter, being in a tight space is the perfect opportunity to get comfortable with your loved one and watch a Christmas classic together. Light the fireplace, take some blankets and settle in!
Go for a candlelight service: Even if you are not part of the local congregation, it is a good way to remind your family of the real reason why we are celebrating Christmas season.
Visit a living Nativity: There is something for everyone. Nurseries often have animals to pet for children, and parents can still teach their children the importance of the Christmas holidays.
Volunteer: Try volunteering at a local food bank or soup kitchen on Christmas morning. Christmas is synonymous with recognition and giving to those who are less fortunate than you. It is a great opportunity for families with children.
Even if you are far from home, you can find the feeling of spending the holidays as if you were at home. Enjoy life in a tight space and spend time with your family.

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