The 19 Accessory for a New Travel Trailer

The 19 Accessory for a New Travel Trailer “RV Must-Haves”


If you are in the market for a travel trailer or trolley, then this article is important to you. I bought my new Rockwood 2504s clip for 3 days from the camps, compiled a list of some essentials and I had to buy them, as well as things I hope I bought.
I think this would be helpful for any of you looking to get a new trailer. Enjoy this post.

Quiet remote generator
To know that you need a trailer generator. I bought a champ generator. It’s a newer brand that’s half the cost of Yamaha or Honda generators and gets great reviews on the internet for the great new features they’re making on their trailers like starting remotely.

You should check out my full evaluation of the Champion 75537i generator, as it has remote startup and du power enough to release alternating current under $ 1200.

brush of Toilet 
All recreational vehicle toilets have a shallow bowl and do not contain a large amount of water. That means when you go to do your business, ithink that sometimes the “business” sticks to the sides of the bowl–even if most of it flushes down. It is really good to have a bathroom brush in your cart bathroom so you can clean it when throwing your black tank.

The problem is that they are usually sold with a piston, as the piston is useless in a travel carriage, so I recommend a private toilet brush since it comes with a beautiful cap and has a hatch to get a hook in the handle so that you can store it away in your bathroom and not wear it while driving on the road

Sheets for the family

Our new Rockwood trailer comes with a duvet and some pillows, but it didn’t come with any bed linen. You might want to keep it pretty, so remember to ask for some paper before you go out for the first time in your new travel trailer.

I like RV sheets because they are cheap, good color to hide a little dirt, look nice, and they seem to be very good quality. Those are the papers that I have in my cart, but any old papers will do it.

First aid kit
My family and wife are obsessed with safety. Even myself, so the first aid kit is important.

My wife tells me that the Mueller brand first aid kits are the best. why? There is no idea. But she insists that she is making superior first aid kits. I only obey and buy it. Happy wife, happy life.

Emptying the hose
I know it’s a little weird, but I’m making purchases like this. Getting rid of cabinets is not an enjoyable task, so if I can get the right equipment to make it an enjoyable experience, here I am.

When buying a water hose, keep in mind a few things. First, I think 20 is the correct length for most applications. You will be able to reach any vacuum tank, as it is not long before you encounter some problems getting liquids to flow through the entire hose. 14 too short and 25 feel some pain.

Second, the acquisition of a hose with a right angle bracket with a clear display piece. It will make you able to see what goes through the hose. It is frozen, you have to look at the total things, you can tell that the liquid is still passing so as not to pull the water hose prematurely.

Actually, you’ll also need a vacuum hose that fits your travel trailer. If you get one of the connectors with too many conductors, this is not appropriate, meaning you should store the gentle hose in one of the compartments of the trailer. Total . Get one with connectors that are not bulky.

Finally, take a hose that will stand with you for a long time. Many hoses fracture easily if penetrated, so get a hose that’s been built a little bit bigger, because it’s nothing worse than finding a hole in your hose while throwing the black tank.

I’m sure there are a lot of good hoses and I haven’t had a face-to-face test or anything, but the test that I ended up buying is the 15-inch KAMCO vacuum hose and I’m happy with it. Not only does it meet all of these criteria, it is half the cost of what comparable hoses can be sold at Camping World (local RV place here in Meridian, Idaho)

Water pressure regulator
You will spend a few dollars to ensure the water system is not damaged on the trailer. Some camps in the RV have a significant increase in water pressure, which may lead to undue stress and leakage.

Buy a water pressure regulator that runs between the freshwater hose and the trailer, as this can prevent the problem. There are a lot of good things and some are very expensive, but Camco sells a brass organizer for about $ 12.

We didn’t have any obstructions or anything like that the first time we got out of the trailer, so at the end of the trip, we had clothes stuffed in random places in the trailer and made things unstable.

You can get a standalone obstacle, and then you can get in the way. The best way to go is just to run to Walmart and buy a simple little bag hampering like a college student will use it to wash clothes to the sink.

You will need two garden hoses for the trailer. One would be a fresh water hose of a different color that is used only to enter water into the trailer, or to fill a fresh water tank.
Make sure it is a lead-free hose, so it is safe to drink.

Ideal length for hose I find 30 inch is suitable. Anything longer than that starts getting annoying to take out from under the trailer and unlink.

Water tank filler valve
 We all use a filling valve to fill the water tank of the trailer. It takes a long time to fill it forever if you don’t have one.

Simply attach the $ 15 valve to the end of the water hose while placing the other end of the valve in an amount for the trailer. Thats all about it.

Movies and videos
Just a reminder. Remember to bring a DVD for the first time, because camping is not just about watching movies, it is an activity in the hot part of the day,

My will for cinematic humor, hours of laughter at Dwight Schrute on The Office. Or watch the comedy movie “RV” with Robin Williams and Cheryl Hines.

Vacuum by hand
The trolley trailer has mixed floor area with carpet and floor areas which is very small space. So the broom will not solve the problem of many dirty shoes.

I really like this Black & Decker Pivot Vacuum. I got amazing reviews and it’s not too expensive.

Kitchen items
We also know that kitchen items such as a tablespoon and cooking spray are very important. You have to take a look at your kitchen to make sure that you will bring all the essentials.

Gas can
 To save the box in the trailer you have to buy a new gas can to fill your generator. For me, I bought 6 gallons, which means that it is enough to run the generator continuously for 34 hours since I filled the generator itself before leaving.

If you don’t camp in Phoenix in August, you only need to turn on the air conditioner for a few hours, so it is likely that 6 gallons of gas will allow you to do a week of camping.

Chemical toilet
You have to wash the toilet for 50 seconds when taking out your trailer to prevent anything from sticking to the tanks and getting some water in the black tank.

Chemical application to destroy toilet paper and prevent odors. A lot of people use these entrance packs because they are a comfortable little bubble of chemicals.

Bubble level
It is difficult to get a trailer level when standing on uneven ground. A small bubble level can be obtained by placing it somewhere on a trailer. You can get great fiction and buy one of these really highly revised levels, or. Whatever $ 5 canf you get when you go to an adult.

2 and 5/16 Trailer Ball
Before I bought the travel trailer, I had a floating boat. I was a fan of my boat, but in the end I replaced it with a travel trailer. I had to buy a new one because it used boats of smaller size than travel trailers.

3/4 socket drill and drill
Worth spending again. Power Powered Crane Holders Then Travel Trailer Corner Anchors Stand On PAIN For Manual Up And Down Landing.

The solution is simple. Attend your wireless workouts and you can press your socket up and down.

For most people, insurance is a good idea for your travel trailer. It not only covers an RV in the event of an accident, it can also provide you with coverage if someone is injured while visiting your home on wheels. I wrote a detailed post about the average cost of RV insurance here.

Mat for outside steps
You will need a large mat outside the steps of the travel trailer, as it prevents the housing car from getting dirty from all the dirt and sand being tracked.

If you have two sets of steps, don’t forget to purchase an extra!

Have a successful first ride in your cart! This post is helpful to you and check out other sections of my blog for more advice on travel advertising.

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