The 35 Clever RV Remodeling Tips to Make Your RV Look New

So you have had the same motorhome for three decades, or perhaps you have made a good deal with an older motorhome. In either case, you do not want to drive your vehicle as it is. It’s time to do some renovations! The motorhome is supposed to be a pleasant means of transport, you must feel confident and comfortable in your vehicle. These 35 sound tips will help you decide what time and money you can afford to renovate.

35 tips to renovate your vehicle:

Replace the dining table with a table and chairs
Replace the dinette with a television channel
Installation of an office or workstation
Replace a worn or dull carpet
Install vinyl flooring in the kitchen
Remove the foldable sofa
Install paneling, paint or wallpaper
Install curtains in your windows
Stuff your furniture
And an inverter for 110v power everywhere
Update your plumbing
Install the porcelain tip
Replace your pants
Install a digital thermostat
Add an indoor fan
Repaint the exterior
Repaint furniture
Replace tires
Replace your battery
Replace your windows
Replace the front door
Add larger mirror doors
Add a backup camera
Add a solar energy system
Install a washing machine

Add some plants
Add mirrors
Add scented candles or an incense burner
Install a new backsplash
Add a pressure head to the RV shower
Replace the recreational vehicle mattress
Maximize space in recreational vehicles
Replace or repair the awning
Add outdoor entertainment
Start using a high-tech motorhome GPS

One important thing to remember is to personalize your motorhome so that it best matches your camping style and that of your family. The goal is to make the motorhome feel new, have a new look and above all make you feel at home!

Replace the dinette table with a table and chairs
Nothing can be more odious or more revealing of the age of a motorhome than an old crisp dinette table. While there is nothing wrong with having a nice place to sit and eat inside, people often prefer a welcoming table and chairs, as it is much more welcoming than a dinette.

If you take this dinette out if you feel like it is dragging on, people will often replace it with a small table and chairs. With these, you can really get creative and bring your taste into your motorhome.

Before you decide to get rid of the dinette, make sure you know where you will store the objects that were kept under the benches of the dinette.

If there is room elsewhere for these things, and you have a clear idea of ​​what you want to put in place of the dinettes, you are ready to start replacing them!

Replace the dinette with a television channel

Often when I camp, I always eat either outside or at the restaurant. It goes without saying that the dinette of my motorhome is not much used. Many people realize this, and it often happens that dinettes are not replaced by another table and chairs, but rather by something that they will actually use, such as a television channel.

In the dinette section, they will install an entertainment center with a television and a few cupboards. It is a good option because it allows you to find a small corner of your home at the end of a busy day of adventure.

In addition, the entertainment center cabinets allow you to replace part of the storage space that has been lost due to the loss of the dinette. Then, with the sofa, the beds or other lounge furniture, you have your own personal theater directly in your motorhome.

Installation of an office or a workstation
People also opt for a computer desk or workstation. People often put it in place of a dinette, transform a dinette into a work station or, if there is enough space in the motorhome, have a work station and a dinette! It all depends on personal preference and the size of the motorhome.

It is a great option for anyone who needs to work on a laptop while on the go. It’s perfect for travel bloggers, mobile business people, etc. Anyone working remotely will find it will save their life.

It’s actually such a popular feature that most new RVs have indoor work space. Older models do not have one, of course, which makes it a great working tool that can instantly make your vehicle look newer.

Replace a worn or dull carpet
One of the main elements that define a space is the carpet / flooring. Any recreational vehicle, room, building, etc., more or less recent, may appear dull if the carpet is old, ugly or simply removed.

When renovating a motorhome, replacing the carpet is often one of the first things to be renovated. Not only will a beautiful carpet improve the interior dramatically, but it will also give the owner a great opportunity to personalize their vehicle.

Although there are other options for flooring, most campers choose carpet because it “is relatively quick to install [and] is generally cheaper,” according to the Fun Times Guide.

This website also suggests, when looking for a new carpet for your motorhome, to choose a color that does not reveal dirt, to look for a short pile carpet (easier to vacuum clean) and to search carpet scraps, because they are cheaper and most often cover the surface area of ​​your motorhome.

Install vinyl flooring in the kitchen
Again, with the ground. It’s really powerful to have a beautiful floor! Especially with something that wears out as much as the kitchen floor.

With constant cooking, messy eating, and the many other things that happen to vinyl siding on RVs, it’s very important to replace it.

It may sound like a feat, but you can do it yourself! The best part is that it is not that expensive! All it takes is a little patience and time.

According to Do It Yourself, there are eight simple steps to get to the floor of your new kitchen.

Wash the floor
Delete all portable devices
Remove existing vinyl
Remove excess adhesive
A clean surface
Add adhesive
Apply new laminate flooring

Remove the foldable sofa
Like the dinette, the folding sofas are an object of love-hate for the motorhome. Many people like to have a foldable sofa while others can’t stand it. If you decide that you are not a fan of the foldable sofa and you think you have enough room for a sofa in the motorhome.

Some things to consider before deciding to get rid of the convertible sofa:

Often folding sofas hide in the wrong places, like heavy electrical cables or an uncovered floor. Make sure it isn’t, or that you can find a way to cover it after the sofa is folded out.
If you remove a folding sofa, you may leave holes in the floor when you unbolt it. If your new sofa doesn’t cover the holes, make sure you fill them.
Be sure to take very specific measurements. Measure not only the potential space that the sofa will occupy, but also the doors and windows. No matter how much space you have inside if you can’t put the sofa in the motorhome!

Install paneling, paint and wallpaper
After the floor, the walls are the main concern during renovation works. The choice you make with your walls can either make an RV seem too small to stand on, or make it seem large enough to live in forever.

They hold a lot of power! There are three popular options for decorating walls, namely paneling, paint, and wallpaper.

Paneling (wall panels) is a popular option. It is a class element in any room or house, including recreational vehicles. The panels are placed approximately in the middle of the wall and give an impression of class and privacy.

This option is often combined with paint, because the paneling covers only half of the wall. The other half of the wall is often painted. With us, we have a room whose lower half is covered with white paneling and whose upper half is painted in a perfect pastel yellow.

It’s a great balance between color and white space, and it’s personally my favorite room in the house!

The other option is the installation of wallpaper. One thing to note, the motorhome wallpaper is NOT the same as the normal wallpaper. Often, old motorhomes even have wallpaper pasted on the plywood of the walls. No worries, however, you can paint or wallpaper without any problem.

People also often suggest only lining an accent wall, as this can add some diversity and personality to the motorhome without overwhelming it, and make it appear smaller.

Install curtains in your windows
Curtains are always a safe way to make a place more welcoming. My motorhome has curtains on all the main windows, and that makes all the difference. Even when I was a child, the first “renovation” I did of my tree house was to add curtains to the windows.

Not only is this a nice privacy feature, but you can add so much personality with curtains. There is no limit to the fabrics and patterns that can be used to make your motorhome feel at home. You can use caravan curtains or make them if you want. Making them is not difficult, but just requires a little patience.

Another advantage: whether you buy or make them, they will be very cheap. It is therefore a good thing that you should replace them if they are too damaged by the sun.

But they protect the interior of your vehicle from damage from the sun, while keeping the interior cool. Motor home curtains have so many benefits that it’s hard to imagine that you didn’t want them!

Stuff your furniture
So maybe replacing all of your furniture is not realistic. Even if you keep the sofa or dinette, you still have an option that will help you make your motorhome feel like it’s completely new. That is to say, you can stuff your furniture!

Sometimes it can cost more, but it’s still a popular option for those who want to do some renovations but want to keep the same bones from their RV. You can look at local furniture stores that can redesign your furniture.

An inverter for 110 V supply anywhere
Adding an inverter is very useful for those who travel a lot, and often in places where there will not be full connection sites to which you can connect.

According to Road Trippers, “an inverter takes 12VDC current from the batteries of your motorhome and converts it to 110VAC – the type of current you need to run almost all common devices.”

Update your plumbing
This renovation tip is not only a great way to beautify the motorhome, it is sometimes a necessity! It is a good idea to check your plumbing and make sure everything is in good condition.

This will prevent any plumbing disaster. This will also allow your motorhome to keep its new appearance, feel and smell!

Install a porcelain toilet
It is an excellent renovation to do when renovating or updating the plumbing! You can do it all at the same time! Your motorhome will therefore look more welcoming and keep its new and elegant appearance.

Porcelain toilets are usually only found in homes, so having one in your motorhome will take you to the next level!

Replace your pantry
A pantry is most often the most used piece of furniture in a motorhome! Remodeling it is a sure way to give your caravan the look and feel of a new vehicle! Although this is one of the most difficult renovations, it is definitely worth it!

After emptying dry food, cleaning and removing the pantry, you’re on your way to a better pantry.

It’s a good way to take inventory and find out what you have and what you need. Most importantly, once you have removed the old pantry, you can build one that meets your needs and style.

Install a digital thermostat
It’s a clear and obvious way to reshape your RV to make you feel newer. With older analog thermostats, they may be slow to start and inaccurate.

Switching to a digital thermostat not only improves accuracy and efficiency, but also immediately gives the impression that your vehicle is new.

Add an indoor fan
Any avid camper knows that air circulation in a motorhome is very important. Anyone who has felt trapped in a hot and stuffy motorhome knows that air circulation is crucial. Especially during the warmer months, when the sun cooks the motorhome and the air has nowhere to go.

This is why adding an indoor fan will not only make the vehicle newer, but also ensure the safety and happiness of everyone in it.

Repaint the exterior
A good paint job can turn any old can of rust into a low-cost adventure machine. It’s the outside of your RV that sends a message to the rest of the world.

When you are repainting the exterior, this is a great opportunity to give class to your vehicle. You can repaint it so it looks brand new!

You can also paint it to protect it from the elements. However, it is advisable to hire a professional to paint large recreational vehicles.

Repaint furniture

While you are repainting, you might as well repaint some of the furniture! If you are replacing your table, for example, you can paint it to match your motorhome. This family painted their chairs white to match their vehicle. And they used chalk paint so they didn’t have to sand and prime!Replace tires
Tire replacement is both essential and cosmetic. Driving a car with the wrong wheels is very dangerous, but especially a motorhome. The law states that the tire tread must be 2/32 ″. If it is lower than this value, you must get new tires!

Replace your battery
Replacing your battery is another one of these changes that will make your RV easier to operate and prevent horrific accidents. The batteries can work even when they are discharged.

This means that your battery might be running out and you wouldn’t even know it. If your motorhome is older and you haven’t had your battery replaced recently, it’s time to check under the hood!

If your battery is corroded, damaged or looks bad, it’s time to throw it out and bring a new one. A new battery immediately means a newer leisure vehicle.

Replace your windows
Replacing your windows can be a great way to spruce up your RV. Once the windows start to be scratched, old or worn, there is little that can make them look newer until these windows are replaced!

For a windshield replacement, you will need to call in a professional, but the other windows can be replaced by you after a little research, time and patience!

The Fun Times Guide is an excellent guide for replacing windows. You will have the assurance of having a safe, comfortable and new-looking motorhome on your arms after your hard work.

Replace the front door
The front door of many old motorhomes can be damaged after running for so long. If replacing this door is easy enough, it can be much more difficult to find the right door for your vehicle. Especially if your vehicle is much older and is no longer manufactured.

Do It Yourself is a great guide that takes you step by step through how to replace the door. In their instructions, they give more details, but the basic steps are to remove the old door, use tape, tighten the bolts and check the pivoting of the door to make sure you have it done correctly.

Add larger mirrors
To keep your recreational vehicle looking new, it’s important to keep it safe! A recreational vehicle will not look new if it is run over on the side of the road.

One way to do this is to replace the side mirrors and side mirrors with larger ones. Especially with a vehicle of this size, it is very important that the mirrors allow you to see as much as possible while driving.

Add a rear view camera
In addition to this note, a backup camera installed on a motorhome is certainly an element that will give it a more recent appearance. It also greatly increases the safety of your RV.

It’s that little extra in terms of safety that it’s good to have when driving (or reversing) an RV! It will be easy for you to get out of these hard-to-reach places in motorhome camps!

Add a solar energy system
Solar energy systems are becoming more and more popular! Adding this system to your RV will bring you many benefits. It’s great because it will give your recreational vehicle the look, feel and function of a new recreational vehicle.

With solar energy, you can really take your RV anywhere! You are not blocked by electrical connections, etc. It’s also great for the planet! Everybody wins !

Installing a washing machine
Many caravan camps have laundromats and places to do laundry, but if you’re going to be staying longer in the hinterland, it’s a good idea to have a washing machine inside the caravan.

Installing a washing machine will improve the lives of campers while giving them a feeling of novelty.

  1. Add some plants
    Plants always add a bit of life and joy to a space. Especially if you are on the road in your motorhome, there is just a lot of sidewalk. Regardless of the age or degree of degradation of the vehicle, a plant automatically improves the appearance and feel of the vehicle.
  2. Add mirrors
    One thing that is common in new recreational vehicles is that they are larger than the old ones. There is no better way to make a place feel larger than adding mirrors. When placed in the right place, a mirror can double the size of a motorhome.
  3. Add scented candles or an incense burner
    Nothing betrays an old vehicle better than a splash of different odors infused into the walls. And nothing gives the impression that something is new than a fresh, clean smell that floats in the air.

Candles or incense burners will, of course, do a great job! While it is important to be very careful when using these items, nothing is more effective at masking the age of a thing than a few candles.

Install a new backsplash
Installing a backsplash in the bathroom or kitchen is a great way to add class to a joint without spending too much time and effort. Although it sounds difficult and expensive, there are more affordable options.

Amazon offers tile-like substance sheets that are ideal for a motorhome.

Add a pressure head to the motorhome shower

Many people may already have a decent motorhome shower, but having a pressure head for your motorhome shower will be a game-changer! Depending on which one you get, there are many handy and crazy options like increasing the water pressure, customizing and there are so many quick options!

While most RV areas have showers, who likes to shower in someone else’s shower? No one I know! For sure ! In addition, this renovation makes it very easy to get off the beaten track. You will always have your shower efficient and ready to use!Replace the motorhome mattress
Nothing ruins a good camping experience than back pain. By replacing the mattress of the motorhome, you will immediately feel at home. Motorhomes are known to have the worst known mattresses, especially for older campers. Replacing the old mattress with new one instantly improves the quality of the vehicle.

Maximize space in the motorhome
Maximize space in the motorhome by removing what you don’t need and keeping or installing what you do. Often there are cabinets on shelves on other cabinets!

If there are any you never use, and you never think of using, it makes such a difference that you tear them out using space for something you want!

Replace or repair the awning
Although the awning is sometimes easy to forget, it is just as important as the others. It is both elegant and useful.

An awning also provides more space compared to the total size of your campground and it protects from excessive sunlight and discoloration from inside the motorhome.Add outdoor entertainment
“Outdoor entertainment” is very popular in new recreational vehicles. There are many different items you can include, such as a TV area, a portable grill or a built-in bar! It all depends on the time you want to spend outside.

Start using a high-tech motorhome GPS
New recreational vehicles are often accompanied by high-tech GPS! They look and work newer. You can drive safely on the highway without having to take out a big pile of maps or a giant book. It is much safer and more effective.

Related issues
Can we paint the walls of recreational vehicles? Although the walls of RVs are more difficult to paint than ordinary walls (because they are made of vinyl and wood veneer), it is still possible to paint them! It just takes a little more work. Veneer can make the surface really slippery while you try to paint it. But all it takes is a few layers and a little patience.

Can you line a motorhome? Although the wallpaper of a motorhome is not quite the same as the wallpaper of a house, it remains a popular option for those who want to give a little style to their motorhome. If old wallpaper is difficult to remove from walls, many choose to cover old wallpaper with new. In this way, they can avoid the high costs associated with the intervention of a professional.

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