The Future For RV Shopping?

As the pandemic continues, restaurants and grocery stores are changing the way they manage their daily activities. They sell to the public in the form of steering wheel orders, takeout orders, takeout orders and online orders.

These companies lend themselves to online shopping and pickup of later models. But what does the future hold for companies that generally get consumers to move around and test a product before buying it?

Some RV dealers have used social media technology to create a new shopping experience. Wilkins RV in New York has created a virtual three-day recreational vehicle show. Virtual tours are not a new idea. You can view photos or videos of a house on the market or a hotel room before you book it. Wilkins RV, however, used social media technology to add another level of realism to his virtual tours.

Thanks to Facebook Live, company representatives were able to visit models of recreational vehicles. Thanks to this live streaming platform, customers were able to ask questions and get answers in real time from the person who made them visit. They devoted each day of the three-day program to a different type of RV: caravans, harnesses and motorhomes.

The idea, brought up by Wilkins marketing manager and dealer website provider, was so popular that they planned to go on Facebook Live tours once a week. They used the initial idea to deploy an option on their website to schedule a personal virtual tour of their models.

Sometimes, one has the impression of already living in the proverbial future. With a few phone calls to the screen of our phone, we can have a wide range of products shipped worldwide and to our door within days.

We can even use our phones and computers as virtual reality devices to explore the Seven Wonders of the World from our living rooms. Who knows ? As businesses find new ways to bridge the gap between their customers and social distancing regulations, you may one day be able to ask a personal salesperson to show you a new recreational vehicle live by simply listening to your phone.

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