The RVers Will Be Camping More This Fall

Thor Industries has released its “2020 THOR North American RV Consumer Survey Report” and the results echo what many other members of the recreational vehicle industry have seen in recent months. People are turning to the RV and the outdoors for their summer vacation plans, and “summer” may well last until fall this year.

This report is the first comprehensive study published since the coronavirus hit the continent. Nearly 20,000 recreational vehicle owners and potential buyers responded to the survey. Among those surveyed, 79% of recreational vehicle owners said they planned to use their vehicle as much or more than last year.

With summer plans on hold, it’s no surprise the study finds that half of those planning to go on vacation in 2020 are planning these trips in October.

Fall is usually the time when many RVers are thinking of storing their vehicles until spring or next summer, but this season can extend into the cooler months as locked-up people adjust their plans to get their camping dose.

The investigation found that potential buyers are looking to buy an RV between May and September. Knowing that the traditional shopping experience may not be possible when looking to buy, consumers seem ready to make some adjustments when purchasing their first or next recreational vehicle. More than half of potential buyers said they would be ready to buy a recreational vehicle virtually.

The report also concluded that there are two obstacles to the entry into service of recreational vehicles at present. Many are seeking to see the release of COVID-19 significantly reduced, and others are awaiting the opening of trailer parks.

Overall, it seems that more people than usual are looking to trade air travel and summer hotel buffets with car travel and campfires in the fall of this year.

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