This Luxury RV Can Travel Off-Grid For Weeks On A Single Charge

Bowlus Road Chief launched its Endless Highways Performance Edition, an innovative new trailer that has a high price tag of $ 225,000. It has an aerodynamic and elegant metallic exterior, measuring 26 feet long and weighing 4,000 pounds.

The main feature is the battery. The 600 amp hour-7680 watt hour lithium iron phosphate battery has enough juice on a charge to last up to two weeks on a three to four hour charge.

Luxury RV

A luxury motorhome that you can take off the network

The Highways Performance Edition is equipped with a 3000 watt inverter, which is wired to all outlets. Unlike many motorhomes which only have an inverter connected to a few sockets. The device also comes with a preinstalled cellular booster and a mobile router with integrated 3G / 4G modem and GPS.

It is equipped with many other equipment that is generally found in high-end class A motorhomes. Almost all models of recreational vehicles are equipped with a propane heating system. Many are now equipped with a heat pump on their air conditioning that can heat the platform with shore power.

Bowlus Road Chief has installed a silent hydronic heating system in its new caravan that runs on either shore power or propane. The system uses a series of pipes and radiator coils under the floor to heat the air with hot water. It is both efficient and silent.

Many motorhomes like to follow hot climates when traveling, which makes air conditioning essential. The problem with boondocking and air conditioning is that most inverters are not powerful enough, or that the batteries simply would not last more than a few hours due to the energy consumption of an air conditioning unit.

Some have made custom solar constructions that allow them to operate their air conditioners on battery, but this characteristic is rarely present in new recreational vehicles. The Highway Performance Edition model is equipped with 10,000 BTU air conditioning that can operate up to 16 hours on battery.

This unit has many other characteristics which place it in the category of yachts and private planes. This could explain its price.

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