Thor Motor Coach Sets The Gold Standard For (RV Structural Warranties )

New Class A and Class C motorhomes are expensive. It is logical that a company wants to guarantee the reliability of its product and offers to repair manufacturing defects for at least a few years.

Most major RV manufacturers, such as Newmar and Tiffin, offer limited warranties on new RVs. Thor Motor Coach, however, has set the new benchmark for all of its Class A and Class 2021 models. Their industry-leading warranty covers delamination for 6 years and structural defects for 12 years, in addition to their standard one-year limited warranty.

Guarantees are a way for a business to support its work. Photo by Thor Motor Coach

The best structural guarantee for recreational vehicles

Many motorhomes use a lamination process to make the walls of the coach. The exterior fiberglass, the wooden substrate, the insulation and the interior wall of the recreational vehicle are laminated or glued together using different methods. Sometimes the bond fails after purchase, causing the outer layer of the substrate to peel off. It may look like a wave or bubble under the exterior wall of the device.

What makes Thor’s new warranty so special is the fact that most manufacturers currently only offer structural warranties of up to three years and do not offer extended coverage for delamination.

If you look at the other big companies, Tiffin is getting closer and closer. It offers a limited warranty of 5 years or 50,000 miles for delamination, compared to 6 years for Thor. Thor’s structural warranty is also less than 12 years with structural coverage of 10 years or 50,000 miles.

Newmar sticks to its construction of suspended walls, which does not use a rolling process. Even without the possibility of delamination, Newmar’s guarantee of structural integrity is 5 years, which means that they are not 7 years younger than Thor.

Having an extended and extended warranty is a sure sign that the company supports the product it makes. Thor seems to know that those looking to buy must have confidence in the brands they buy. Their New Guarantee May Not Only Make Buyers ‘Heads, But Other Manufacturers’

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