What Travel Trailer Brands Offer Fiberglass Roofs.

What Travel Trailer Brands Offer Fiberglass Roofs.

Travel trailers with fiberglass roofs can be hard to find these days. There are very few brands that still manufacture their travel trailers with fiberglass, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find what you’re looking for! There are still four companies or brands that manufacture travel trailers with fiberglass roofs.

Which caravan brands offer fiberglass roofs? There are not many companies that still manufacture new travel trailers with fiberglass roofs, but these 4 brands do.

Venture RV
A happier camper
Forest river
If you are considering purchasing a caravan and want a fiberglass roof, find out about these companies as they all produce high quality fiberglass roofs.

Caravan brands that offer fiberglass roofs
Most travel trailers that are manufactured today have rubber roofs, so it can be a bit difficult to find a company that still uses fiberglass.

“A Canadian company called Boler introduced a fiberglass option in 1971 that would be a game-changer in the field of camping.”


I’ll go through each company and tell you which of their travel trailers have fiberglass roofs. In addition, I will review the main details of each trailer as well as its performance and appearance.

Venture RV
Venture RV is a subset of KZ industries that has existed since 1972. The company added Venture RV to its product line a few years ago. Venture RV manufactures lightweight and easily towable travel trailers.

Two of the five models built by Venture RV have a fiberglass roof. These are the Sonic and the Sonic Lite. These two trailers are very practical and provide fun camping and travel experiences.

The Sonic Venture
The Venture Sonic is offered with 7 different floor plans and three different color options. The main floor plan includes a small kitchen, a bathroom and a bed that can replace a Murphy sofa.

The bathroom is located at the rear of the caravan and includes a separate shower, toilet and sink. There is also a small linen closet.

The kitchen is located on the left side wall and has a 7 cubic foot refrigerator. A stove and a double sink are also included. Opposite the kitchen is the dining area.

At the head of the Sonic caravan is the bed / false bed. There is plenty of storage above the head throughout the caravan, and storage on each side of the bed.

Specifications of Venture Sonic:

Dry weight 3530 lbs
Weight of dry hitch 330 lbs
Interior height 6 ′ 9 ″
Height 10 ′ 4 ″
Width 7 ′ 5 ″
Length 19 ′ 2 ″
38 gallon fresh water capacity
Black water capacity: 30 gallons
Gray water capacity 30 gallons
Tire size 14 ″
The Venture Sonic Lite
The Venture Sonic Lite has the same three colors as the normal Venture Sonic, but it has very different floor plans. The main difference is that the Venture Sonic Lite has a 36 inch bathtub in most of its plans and that the door is located in a different location.

The main plan includes the door at the rear of the caravan. When you enter, you face the bathroom which has a bath, toilet and sink.

To the right of the bathroom is a refrigerator and in front of the refrigerator is the stove, counter and sink.

At the front of the caravan is the bed with a television in the corner. There is no dinette in the default plan of the Venture Sonic Lite, although there are dinette in other plans of the Venture Sonic Lite.

Specifications of the Venture Sonic Lite:

Dry weight 2480 lbs
Weight of dry hitch 270 pounds
Interior height 6 ′ 9 ″
Height 9 ′ 11 ″
Width 7 ′ 5 ″
Length 12 ′ 2 ″
38 gallon fresh water capacity
Black water capacity: 30 gallons
Gray water capacity 30 gallons
Tire size 14 ″

Winnebago manufactures many different recreational vehicles, from caravans to motorhomes. They even come in many sizes, including large, small and mini. They have existed since 1959 and have provided quality products for 61 years.

Of all their models, they only make one that has a fiberglass roof and is called the Minnie Drop. It was created to be easily towable due to its aerodynamic construction.

The Winnebagos are known to use their space wisely and the Minnie Drop is no exception in this regard.

In the default plan, you enter through the middle of the trailer. As you enter, there is a U-shaped dinette on your right and a bedroom with a set of bunk beds on the left.

Between the dining room and the bedroom is the bathroom. The bathroom contains a bathtub and the kitchen is equipped with a sink, a double stove, a refrigerator and a microwave.

You get what you pay for! You benefit from all the equipment listed above, plus the fiberglass roof to protect you from rain and other external elements.

Winnebago Minnie Drop Specifications:

Dry weight: 2760 lbs
Hitch weight 340 lbs
Interior height 6 ′ 5 ″
Height 9 ′ 3 ″
Width 8 ′
Length 18 ′ 4 ″
31 gallon fresh water capacity
Black water capacity: 25 gallons
25 gallon gray water capacity
Tire size 14 ″
A happier camper
Happier Camper manufactures comfortable, solid and elegant camping caravans for everyday travelers.

Their owner was inspired by the retro trailers owned by his father and he used this inspiration to create the HC1 Travel-Trailer. This travel caravan is completely retro and is made entirely of fiberglass. The roof is included, so it’s part of the list!

The HC1 Travel-Trailer is comfortable and also very useful! With a large tailgate and an extra wide side door, this trailer is very accessible. In addition, it has many advantages that its users have long enjoyed. Some of these are things you wouldn’t even think about!

This model is equipped with a luminous porch, a roof fan and a double insulated fiberglass hull. In addition, this small travel caravan uses its space wisely and can accommodate up to 5 people. It’s amazing, isn’t it?

I’m not going to lie, one of the coolest aspects of this lightweight caravan is its unique retro style. It is available in 7 different colors which, mixed with the style of the hull, give a perfect atmosphere of the 70s.

Specifications of the HC1 caravan (Happier Camper)

Dry weight 1100 pounds
Length 13 ′
7.4 ′
Interior height 6.1 ′
Width 6 ′ 11 ″
Additional package Weight 1200-1800 lbs
Torsion axis 3500 lbs
Tire size 13 ″
Hitch size 2 ″
5 gallon water tank (optional)
Price 13,950
Forest river

I kept the Forest River brand for the end because it is probably the best known company for the construction of travel trailers with fiberglass roofs.

Forest River has been in existence for 23 years and has 7 different break brands. They are extremely popular and are a well known brand in the trailer world. In addition, for the purposes of this article, they have a few models that have fiberglass roofs.

I’m going to focus on the Forest River R.Pod. It is one of their ultra light travel trailers and is known for its fiberglass roof. Plus, it has 12 different plans, so there is literally something for everyone.

The main floor plan includes a queen-size bed at the front of the caravan and a comfortable dinette at the back. There is plenty of storage space on the ceiling in both places.

Between the bedroom and the dining area there is a kitchen and a bathroom. The kitchen is equipped with a fridge, a double stove and a circular sink. Here too, there are raised storage spaces! This model is ideal for all those who have to carry a lot of equipment during their trips.

The bathroom is a wet bath, which means that the shower, toilet and sink are combined in one space. Basically, you go into the shower and there is a toilet at one end of the shower and the sink and the shower head at the other end of the shower.

Dry weight 2342 lbs
Weight of the towing hitch 242 lbs
Height 9 ′ 6 ″
Width 8 ′
Length 18 ′ 4 ″
Fresh water capacity 36 gallons
Black water capacity: 30 gallons
Gray water capacity 30 gallons
Tire size 14 ″

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