Why Are Rental RVs Gaining So Much Popularity?

With the summer holidays at the dawn of this “new normal”, people are reassessing their travel plans and looking for alternative measures to enjoy their getaways while respecting the CDC guidelines for social distance and security. Renting a recreational vehicle seems to be a particularly popular option for vacationers this year, according to RVshare, a recreational vehicle rental service.

Recreational vehicle rental is more popular than ever

RVshare offers owners an online space to present their caravans, harnesses or motorhomes to customers, who can thus see and possibly rent them. The owner and the tenant both benefit from the exchange. The owner of the recreational vehicle earns an additional income and the tenant has a complete vacation package: transportation, sleeping place and full kitchen. There is therefore no need to look for a plane ticket, a hotel or a restaurant. In addition, tenants are not required to pay the monthly payments for their leisure vehicle or to maintain it.

Since April, the number of RV reservations has experienced a significant peak, an increase of 650%. It is a record for society. This overnight boom can be attributed to a number of factors that were noted in a recent RVshare customer survey. According to this survey, customers are looking for availability and privacy in their RV activities.

There is still uncertainty in planning at this time. Despite this, almost 80% of VRshare users have expressed their desire to travel in the next three months. RVshare allows customers to book short term, extend trips or cancel reservations. This flexibility in planning, especially in times of uncertainty, has been an asset to the company, which has seen a flood of last minute bookings and changes.

Over 90% of those questioned want to avoid crowds during their next vacation. More than half of the respondents prefer to spend their holidays in the solitude of national natural parks and lakesides rather than in popular tourist destinations. In addition, 84% of respondents prefer to travel with their immediate family rather than their friends or extended family. All this for safety and health reasons.

The possibility of renting allows customers to benefit from a certain flexibility in the organization of their trip (in what to travel, who to take, how far to drive and how long to stay). More people can start renting recreational vehicles to go on vacation with a limited budget. In return, RV owners may find that their vehicle is in high demand, which would allow them to benefit from a stream of income rather than storage costs.

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